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About Us

The Right People And The Right Goals

Founded in 2010, Eldon Healthcare Sdn Bhd (Eldon) began as a marketing-based company that imported Rooibos tea. While the business of importing was fair, Ng’s ultimate goal for the company was to eventually become a distributor by developing a product brand created by pharmacists, for every pharmacy.

However, while Eldon had started the right goal, it had lacked the right people at the start to help achieve it. Fortunately, through the recruitment and nurturing of bright young and ambitious Malaysians, the company has since transformed itself into a healthcare and supplement product distributor in 2013.

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The company’s first recruitment began with Terry Chin Yee Min, its current Product and Marketing director. Chin initially began his career as a licensed pharmacist but his passion and drive to develop better healthcare products for all started a wave of change in Eldon.

“I would see customers coming in everyday asking for steroid creams for their eczema or psoriasis, and I started wondering if there was a better alternative product for them.

“In the back room of the pharmacy with my pestle and mortar I began experimenting. Using my own wages to purchase ingredients, I started testing different formulations and finally came up with an all-natural formula that had the ability to soothe inflamed and itchy skin without damaging it in the long-term,” recounted Chin.

Impressed by the innovative formula, Ng and Chin began producing and selling the product under Eldon Healthcare with the brand name “MedSkin”. And initial sales and customer reception for the new product were so encouraging that it prompted Ng to begin seriously pushing Eldon into becoming a healthcare product distributor.

Putting a feel out for talented individuals to help them in their endeavor, Ng managed to attract the attention of former pharmaceutical sales supervisor Kenn Siaw Lim Loong who has since risen up the ranks to take over as Eldon’s CEO and National Sales Director in 2019.

Speaking on his decision to join Eldon Healthcare Siaw said, “Honestly, I could have chosen to play it safe and stuck with a large well-established company, but I felt that the low-margin and hyper-competitive pharmaceutical and health supplement industry needed a major change in order for it to be sustainable for all parties involved.

“I saw huge potential in Eldon Healthcare being able to be that driving force of change, and so I decided that I wanted to be a part of it with Ng and Chin and bring my ideas of a sustainable business model and practices to life.

“I entered into the company with Chin on the 1st of September in 2013, and we began walking into every pharmacy we could. I introduced our business model that upheld sustainable business practices and our commitment to becoming a trustworthy brand and distributor while Chin introduced the products that we are so very proud of.

“Being a small unknown company, we faced countless rejections but that one ‘Yes’ in a hundred ‘Nos’ was what kept us going. And that’s exactly what we did, we kept on knocking on doors and have been continuing our momentum of growth over the years through dedication and commitment to our business model and products.”

With a steadily growing partner list, Eldon began expanding their talent pool with equally driven young Malaysians, allowing them to branch out across Malaysia, develop new and innovative products and build up their own in-house logistics line.

In just 6 short years, Eldon has managed to become a truly significant player in Malaysia’s healthcare and supplement industry. With more than 200 retail partners, Eldon’s innovative and functional products can be found on the shelves of over 600 retail pharmacies and natural health stores across Malaysia.

“Malaysians with our good food and sedentary lifestyles are an unhealthy bunch and many of us end up suffering from chronic illnesses like obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

“These illnesses can reduce the quality of life drastically, so it is a huge motivator for us to produce better and innovative health products that combat this,” said Chin.

“Our vision from the very start has been to create value in the healthcare industry by providing better health and wellbeing for all, at every stage of life.

“And as we continue to grow, we will commit to this goal by placing strong emphasis on research and development (R&D) efforts to produce and deliver innovative and functional research-based and clinically tested products that suit the ever-changing needs of consumers.”