Chios Mastiha A Gentler Solution For Your Stomach

Chios Mastiha or Mastic Gum is the natural resin that oozes from the trunk and branches of the Chios trees in Greece. The sticky, thick fluid resin emerges from the tree like tear drops and hardens after about 15 days into resin tear drops of varying shapes and sizes.

This unique natural resin has long been used as a medicinal aid for digestive health since the middle ages, and contains more than 80 compounds that have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotics and anti-acid properties.

Chios Mastiha Is Suitable For

stomach 1
Stomach ulcers
Dyspepsia (Indigestion)
H. Pylori related gastric issues
Gastric inflammation
Irritable bowel syndrome
heart burn
Heart burn

Clinically Proven Effective

Chios Masitha is often referred to as the oldest superfood in the world and its health benefits were initially discovered by Hippocrates and first recorded by Dioscorides, a first century pharmacologist.

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In several studies, Chios Mastiha was shown to be effective in reducing H. Pylori concentrations by up to 38% in two weeks and reducing H. Pylori associated gastritis activity by 18% in two months.

gastric white

Stomach Ulsers

After 2 weeks of Chios Mastiha patients suffering from stomach ulcers saw 

arrow up 70 percent

Ulcer healing in 70% of patients

arrow up 80 percent

Improvement of stomach pain, nausea & bloating in 80% of patients

gastric red

Gastric Inflammation

After 3 weeks of consuming Chios Mastiha, patients suffering from dyspepsia (indigestion) saw

144 up

Improvement of stomach pain

266 up

Improvement of heart burn

64 up

Improvement of vomiting

26 up

Improvement of nausea

21 down

Decrease of acid regurgitation

53 up

Improvement of acidity in stomach

red stomach

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

After 4 weeks of consuming Chios Mastiha, patients suffering from Crohn’s disease saw significant decrease in their inflammatory marker levels

66 down

Decrease in inflammation

51 down

Decrease of