Natural Sugar Control

High in calories, an overconsumption of sugar contributes not only to excessive weight gain but also to insulin resistance, nerve damage and the thickening of artery walls. With all these factors in place, a person who consumes too much sugar daily will be at high risk of developing obesity, diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease and even cancer.

Our issue with diabetes is especially concerning as many national health institutes and bodies have reported that many Malaysians are living unaware that they have the disease, which left untreated will lead to nerve damage, blindness, gangrene, kidney failure, stroke and other heart diseases.

Cut the Sugar

With all the negativity surround sugar, it would make sense to just cut sugar out of our diets entirely. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles and eating habit make it hard to do so as nearly everything on restaurant menus and supermarket shelves have added sugar to improve its taste.

It’s great to be mindful of our sugar consumption but sometimes, no sugar at all is unavoidable.

So, what can we do about it? Well, don’t fret. There is a natural way to improve sugar control and absorption in our bodies.

Meet Rooibos, Gymnema Sylvestre & Banaba Leaf. Together these three herbs and teas are able to provide natural insulin effects and block sugar absorption in our guts naturally.

rooibos new


Antioxidant Protection with Natural Insulin like Properties

Gymnema Sylvestre

Natural Sugar Blocker

Banaba Leaf

Natural Insulin like Properties