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Immunity Boost

Having a strong and healthy immunity system is important for us as it keeps us healthy by fighting off infections and diseases. Children and the elderly have undeveloped or weakened immune systems, and that is why they are the groups that need to boost their immunities the most. Support your immune health with the nutrition and supplements needed to maintain a healthy immune system.

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Probiotics & Immune Health

Probiotics are living microorganisms that can be consumed through fermented foods or supplements. The idea of consuming live microorganisms is often not very appealing as we often consider all bacteria and other microorganisms to be harmful “germs”. Read More

Tiger Milk Mushroom & Immunity

Used as a health tonic in local indigenous communities in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, South China, Philippines and Papua New Guinea for over 400 years, the medicinal mushroom has healing properties in more than 15 types of medical ailments. Read More