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Improving Energy and Mood with French Oak Wood Extract

French Oak Wood

A unique source of the antioxidant roburin, French Oak Wood extract is an up and coming supplement for improving energy and mood.

To date, there are over 22 clinical studies with over 800 participants that have demonstrated Lisante’s efficacy in providing numerous health benefits such as the improvement of symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), mood, liver function, physical recovery from minor illness and stress and sports performance.

When ingested, the roburins in French Oak Wood will be processed by our gut to bioactive metabolites known as uroliths. And these uroliths are then able to provide the many benefits of French oak wood extract to our bodies.

Our Mitochondria are responsible for generating energy for our cells.

The main benefit of French oak wood extract is its ability to increase energy levels. Energy in our bodies is generated by mitochondria – the powerhouse of our cells. Mitochondria generate energy for our cells by burning nutrients like carbohydrates and lipids.

However, due to age and oxidative stress, our mitochondria’s ability to generate energy will decrease over time, causing us to experience symptoms of fatigue or general tiredness. The uroliths from Robuvit prevents this by promoting the replacement of old dysfunctional mitochondria with newer and more efficient ones.

The result of this is basically, improved energy levels and performance in endurance sports.

French Oak Wood extract has found to have a positive effect on sports performance.

In a study of athletes, regular supplementation of French oak wood extract was found to have a positive impact on overall performance of these athletes in running, swimming and cycling times. Their recovery after sports rate were also reported to have seen an improvement.

Additionally, French oak wood has also been found to effective in promoting better sleep. In a study, participants were supplemented with 300mg of French oak wood daily for a period of 8 weeks and they reported and witnessed:

  • 22% improvement in sleep quality
  • 43% reduction of daytime sleepiness
  • 41% reduction of fatigue
  • 16% improvement in oxidative stress

This research shows encouraging results for those suffering fatigue or poor mood as a better sleep cycle can ultimately benefit your daily mood, your concentration levels and also your activity levels.

French Oak Wood Extract has been found to have positive effects on depression.

Those suffering from depression or mood swings may also benefit from this wonderous natural supplement as studies have found that participants who were supplemented with French oak wood extract found themselves with a 58% reduction in depression symptoms and a 49% reduction in overall mood swings.

So if you’re in a market for a general supplement, be sure to be on the lookout for any with French Oak Wood extract.


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