LDS - Lipogel Delivery System

Flexigel LDS is made with these 3 words in mind. Relieving, Relaxing, and Calming

A new perfected formulation that can relieve your pain, relax your stiff joint/muscles and calm your joint inflammation. Made in Portugal, Flexigel LDS will be your go to cream that results in safe and effective pain relief when needed. 


Lipogel Delivery System™

Research suggests that enhanced absorption is achievable with LDS™. As shown in the image below, LDS™ vehicle helps to deliver the active ingredients directly to the targeted site (injured and inflamed area).

LDS steps cropped 1

With the cream consisting of LDS™, it will be able to penetrate into the deeper skin layer. It will continue to travel to the underlying tissue and directly into the targeted site (inflamed and injured site). Once reached the targeted site, LDS™ will deliver the active ingredients (7.5% Cetylated Fatty Acid, Olive, Apricot & Wheat Oils) to the injured and inflamed area.

Health Benefits of 7.5% Cetylated Fatty Acid

Cetylated Fatty Acid are a group of naturally occurring fats. They help by lubricating the joints and muscles.

Applying the same specific blend of cetylated fatty acids directly to the skin either alone is known to decrease pain and improve function in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

LDS - repairs joints
Repairs joints
LDS - lubricates joints
Lubricates muscles and joints
LDS - improve joint health
Improve joint health
LDS - improve joint range_1
Improves range of motion in joints (especially knees)

Olive, Apricot & Wheat Oils

Olive, Apricot & Wheat Oils  

Health Benefits of Olive, Apricot & Wheat Oils

LDS -reduce pain_1
Reduce joint and muscle pain
LDS - reduce time climb stairs_2
Reduced stairs climbing time
LDS - improve joint range_1
Improve joint mobility
LDS - improve muscle strength_1
Improve muscle strength