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Lisante, Our Award Winning Supplement


Say goodbye to suffering in silence!

Some call it miracle supplement, some call it the one thing they can’t live without. So what is it?

Lisante is a natural supplement made up of Robuvit (a patented extract of french Oak Wood). To date, there are 22 clinical studies with over 800 participants have demonstrated Lisante’s efficacy in providing numerous health benefits such as improving symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), improve your overall performance along with mood and a significant decrease in recovery time from flu, hangovers and even from sports related workouts.

Sin Chew Newspaper

And we were also featured in Sin Chew Daily! Check us out on page 13 where our Lisante made a headline on how it can help you lead less stressful and tiring life.

We are also proud to say our Lisante has won the Health & Wellness Brand Awards!


Feeling like its too good to be true?

Don’t worry, we have proof! Here are some testimonials from customers that had tried our Lisante and came back for more!

Can you imagine it? Living while suffering for so long but the answer is just right in front of you! Lisante is clinically proven, KKM registered all in one supplement that can supercharge your life. Stay healthy, stay protected and stay happy with Lisante.


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