Benefits of French Oak Wood extract ( Robuvit®)

Robuvit® is a patented natural extract from French Oak Wood that is rich in active ingredients such as roburins and other flavonoids that are unique to oak wood. Sourced from the Quercus Robur oak tree species found only in the Massif Central region of France, Robuvit is a power and premium health supplement ingredient that has been clinically proven to offer a myriad of health benefits in the fields of energy and detoxification. To date, there are over 22 published clinical studies that demonstrate Robuvit’s efficacy in providing numerous health benefits.

Most prominently, Robuvit and its unique active ingredient, roburin, has demonstrated ability in improving energy and mood levels by stimulating increased mitochondrial renewal in our cells – leading to better energy levels, memory and concentration levels, mood and overall health.

With better health and constitution, users of the supplement have also reported improved sports and physical performance and improved symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Besides this, Robuvit has also been shown to have a strong ability in improving liver health, reducing temporary liver damage and hangover symptoms from excessive alcohol and improving lymphedema symptoms.

Benefits of French Oak Wood (Robuvit®)

Clinically Proven Effective

Over current 22 clinical studies with over 800 participants