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Eldon Nutrition

30 Capsules

The first ever Mitochondrial and Hepatic booster in Malaysia! A clinically proven effective product that has more than 22 clinical studies with over 800 participants, Robuvit® in Lisante is a 100% and organic natural supplement that takes care of both our body and mind.

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Made from Robuvit® (a patented extract of French Oak Wood), Lisante is a 100% and organic natural supplement that takes care of both our body and mind.

The astringent effects of oak wood was known to the Ancients and used in medicine for centuries as a body strengthening tonic. Currently, there are over 22 clinical studies supporting the numerous health benefits of French Oak Wood.




Each capsule contains:

  • Quercus robur lignum extract (250mg)

All ingredients are 100% natural and free from artificial additives.


Consumption Guide

For children/adults 12 years and up, take 1 – 2 capsules per day after meals.

Not suitable for use in pregnant or breast-feeding women, and children under 12.


Suitable For

Those looking to improve:

  • Chronic Fatigue  Syndrome (CFS)
  • Liver Function
  • Mental health
  • Sports Performance and Recovery
  • Physical Recovery from Minor Illnesses
  • Stress levels



1. If I consume medication, can I take Lisante together with medication?
We recommend consuming Lisante 1-2 hours after taking any medications.

2. Are there any side effects?
Generally, it has no known side effects.

3. How long does it take to see an effect?
The results vary from person to person. However, the recommended treatment time is at least 3 months.

3. How does Lisante boost energy?
Lisante’s main ingredient – French Oakwood extract is able to help regenerate mitochondrial levels which increases energy levels while also helping to repair liver function to effectively remove excess toxins from our bodies.

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30 Capsules, Twin Pack

7 reviews for Eldon Nutrition

  1. Karim


    Saya sudah mengambil Lisante selama dua bulan sekarang. Saya rasa lebih bertenaga dan lebih kuat apabila saya bersenam, dan mendapati badan saya kurang sakit selepas menjalani latihan angkat berat.

  2. Stephanie Yen

    By taking Lisante everyday, I feel that my tolerance the day after a stressful day or long night has improved dramatically. For me, being active in the gym and the odd nights out, Lisante really helps shorten my recovery time.

    I was sceptical at first about the benefits of french oak but once I tried it, the effects Wow-ed me within just a week! Also love the fact that the supplement is naturally powdered (and not a synthetic pill) Looking forward to more health improvements with this product.

  3. Fong

    I always feel tired no matter how long I sleep. With Lisante, I actually feel more energetic during working hours

  4. Wong

    I am a student and suffer from constant insomnia die to my stressful study life. My pharmacist gave me one week worth of Lisante to try, and I ended up going back for a full bottle. Lisante really does help me sleep better and more focused when studying

  5. Mina

    I used to get so stressed due to my work environment as a teacher but with lisante, i am now more relaxed and chill when facing issues

  6. HanisYunanie

    Delivery laju… packing pun kemas dan cantik..wajib beli untuk hubby

  7. kuanwk292529

    I hv serious water retention since from my young aged. I get to try this product from one of my fren recommend, i will definitely recommend for those who hv water retention problem if you want to hv a sharp jawline and light body feel especially during ur travelling pls gv this product a try.

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