Holistica Rosemin C Plus
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15 tablets x 3 tubes

Get advanced Triple Protection with Rosemin C Plus sugar free effervescent tablets. With a fantastic orange flavour and no added preservatives, these tablets will be your daily immune support.




Rosemin C Plus is a sugar free formulation of dissolvable tablets containing 1000mg of Vitamin C, Rose Hips (Rosa Canina) Extract and Zinc. Additionally, these tablets come in a fantastic orange flavor and is easy to consume. All you have to do is add them to a cup of water, stir and enjoy.




Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid 955mg), Rose Hips (Rosa Canina) Fruit Extract 100mg (Vitamin C 45mg), Zinc (Zinc citrate 32.79mg)

All ingredients are free from added preservatives.


Consumption Guide

Dissolve one effervescent tablet into a glass of water. Stir and enjoy.

For adult, take one tablet once daily after meal.

For children 6 – 12 years old, take half a tablet once daily after meal.


Suitable For

  • People who lead a hectic lifestyle
  • Smokers
  • People with skin care concerns
  • People who always falls sick
  • Diabetic



1. Why do we need Rosemin C Plus?

Many clinical studies showed that consuming at least 500mg of Vitamin C (or known as Ascorbic Acid) daily provided better health benefits.

2. Can people with low sodium diet take Rosemin C Plus?

We do not recommend Rosemin C Plus for people with low (1000mg) sodium diet as Rosemin C Plus contains about 290mg of sodium bicarbonate inside.

3. Why Rosemin C Plus taste sweet while the product claimed contains no added sugar?

No added sugar means does not contain free sugars. Rosemin C Plus is formulated with sodium saccharine with a little bit of aspartame. Both are artificial sweetener with no calorie and does not raise blood sugar level.


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15 tablets x 3 tubes

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Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets_Unlisted”