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Vitalkids Multivitamin & Minerals: Your Digestive Guardian

Despite your best efforts, your children may not always get all the required multivitamins and minerals. Some of you also may not know exactly  what nutrients and how much your children need of each.

But that's where we come in. Vitalkids Multivitamin & Minerals Chewable Tablets has an advanced formulation of 11 vitamin and 4 minerals. All the multivitamin and minerals in this chewable tablet has been carefully chosen and formulated to provide the upmost benefits for your children.

Vitalkids Multivitamin & Minerals Is Suitable For

VM- kids
Growing children
VM- Picky eater
Picky Eater
VM- lactose intolerance
Kids with Lactose Intolerance
VM- digestive discompfort
Kids that experience frequent digestion discomfort
Vm Benefits No Bg
Vm Suitable For No Bg

Benefits of Multivitamin & Minerals

VM- increase appetite
Improves appetite
VM- healthy growth
Provide energy for healthy growth and boosts immunity
VM- optimal digestion
Promote optimal digestion and nutrient absorption
VM- relieve digestive
Relieve digestive discomfort