Sugar Management

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels during fasting and after meals is essential to long lasting health. When our blood sugar levels are too high it can negatively damage our nerves, eyes, kidneys and other organs. While low blood sugar levels can have dangerous symptoms such as weakness, palpitations, seizures and loss of consciousness.

We can maintain healthy sugar levels through proper diet and physical activity, but for those with diabetes that make managing blood sugar levels impossible without medical intervention, stricter low sugar and carb diets need to be practiced along with regular intake of correct diabetic medications. Additionally, some natural supplements can also be taken in order to help your body maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

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Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Sugar cannot cause diabetes or insulin resistance, however being overweight and obese can and will increase your risk of developing diabetes significantly. Besides this, being overweight and obese can also cause you to start becoming insulin resistant, which means that the insulin your pancreas secretes will have less of an effect on lowering your blood sugar levels. Read More