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Weight Loss & Detox

Maintaining a healthy body weight is more than just looking good, keep ourselves in a healthy weight range can help maintain over health and reduce our risks of developing obesity related diseases like heart disease and stroke, hypertension, diabetes, gout, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease and cancer. Healthy eating and regular exercise are key to keeping yourself trim, but as we age and our metabolism lowers, it can get harder and harder to keep the fat at bay. Thankfully, there are specific supplements and nutrients that can help promote satiety, boost metabolism and reduce calorie absorption.

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This Could Be Why You’re Still Fat

Everyone strives to lose weight, but if it was so easy, there wouldn’t be so many trending fad diets and weight loss products out there. When it comes down to it, losing weight is relatively simple, all you need to do is: make sure your caloric intake is less than your caloric output. Read More

Probiotics & Weight Loss

Studies have shown that normal-weight people have very different gut bacteria compared to those who are overweight or obese. And in some animals studies, it was actually demonstrated that lean mice ended up gaining weight when the gut bacteria of obese mice were transplanted into their guts. Read More

9 Herbs That Can Offer You a Full Body Detox

A detox is a great way to take the pressure off these organs and promote increased weight loss and management, increased energy levels, improved immunity, improved mental acuity, better hair and skin and slower signs of aging. Read More