9 Herbs That Can Offer You a Full Body Detox


To put it simply, detoxing is the elimination of toxins from our bodies.

Now, your body already has a way of eliminating toxins in our bodies that involves our liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin and lungs. However, only when these organs are healthy can they effectively eliminate unwanted substances and toxins in our bodies.

Sometimes these vital organs work too hard and may need a break.

A detox is a great way to take the pressure off these organs and promote increased weight loss and management, increased energy levels, improved immunity, improved mental acuity, better hair and skin and slower signs of aging.

Here are 9 Herbs That Can Offer You a Full Body Detox

1. Rooibos Tea

Extremely rich in antioxidants like Aspathalin, both fermented red rooibos and unfermented green rooibos tea is able to offer your body that long needed detox.

In recent studies, the tea and its high antioxidant status has been linked to better heart health and liver health. While in a one 15-person study, blood levels of antioxidants saw an increase of 2.9% when participants drank red rooibos and 6.6% increase when they drank green rooibos. With all that goodness, its no wonder that Rooibos tea is fast gaining popularity among the masses.

2. Gymnema Sylvestre

Thanks to all the sugary drinks and snack out there, our bodies are more overworked than ever as they continuously pump out insulin to regulate our blood sugar levels. Gymnema Sylvestre is considered to have anti-diabetic properties as it is able to reduce intestinal absorption of sugar glucose – assisting us in a much needed sugar detox.

3. Senna

Often used in natural laxatives, Senna provides a mild colon detox for those suffering from poor digestion or constipation. The commonly use herb is also great at flushing out excess water in our bodies and reducing water retention.

4. Buckthorn Bark

Known for its blood purifying abilities, buckthorn bark has long been used as a traditional detox supplement. Additionally, the herb also acts as a mild laxative – allowing for some colon detox.

5. Marshmallow Root

Like senna, marshmallow root can help provide a mild colon detox effect. The herb is known for its ability in relieving skin irritation caused by eczema and or dermatitis.

6. Orange Peel

Compounds called polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) found in the peels and juices of citrus fruits, have been linked to lower LDL cholesterol in recent studies.

7. Slippery Elm

A great accompaniment in any detox, Slipper Elm helps to regulate gastric pH levels – allowing for improvement in digestion and reduction of irritation in the tissues of our Gi tract. Besides that, Slipper Elm also provides high level of soluble fiber which is great for blood sugar management and lowering LDL cholesterol levels.

8. Chamomile

A powerhouse of antioxidants, Chamomile not only helps to reduce oxidative stress on the body but also acts as a relaxant and sleep aid.

9. Peppermint

Peppermint helps to increase production of digestive juices while relaxing muscles within the colon. This two-step action allows for relieve of indigestion, inflammation, gastro related pain and reduction of bloating.


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